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Date:Saturday 23 November 7:30pm

Price: €8

PANEL DISCUSSION – Get It Out! The Future of Film Distribution

Hosted by Verena von Stackelberg (Independent Film Festivals and Cinema Programmer), Tom Littlewood (VICE), Ronald Vietz (Wildfremd, This Ain’t California), and Laurin Dietrich (WOLF Consultants, distributors of The Act of Killing) discuss the future of film distribution and whether it really will be a fight to the death between Video-On-Demand versus more traditional platforms, such as good old fashioned cinemas and world-renowned film festivals.

What’s to become of independent film in the future? How will we consume films, documentaries and other digital media if the cost of going to the cinema continues to edge ever closer to West End theatre prices? Is Netflex really going to kill the megaplex or arthouse kino?

Find out in this special 1 hour panel discussion and audience Q&A with our expert panelists who collectively represent independent film and the many faces of film distribution today and, perhaps, tomorrow.

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